Importance Of Land

 Importance Of Land:

Land Makes Life It is very important that people stay connected to the land, every one person and their ancestors have emerged from the land, and the land still provides humans with the essentials to survive. Of course, there are many things that people will call “essential” to their survival such as cell phones but there is nothing humans need more to survive than the land they live on. The land has always been the biggest contributor to the survival of the human race. Without land the way it is now or has been in the past, the world would be a much different place. Humans would have been gone a very long time ago, without land humanity could not go on. When a group of people is asked, “What do you need to survive?” Some might say, “Food and water.” but what they are really saying is the land they live on because it is where everything is from. The land is undoubtedly the most important part of human life.

Uses Of Land :

Humans use the foundation of land for dwellings, the crops of land for eating, the grass of land for grazing, and the timber of land for building. Land brings with it the minerals and fuel beneath, and it receives humanity's waste. People fight over land. Although environmental ethics strengthen human support for natural animals and plants in their competition for habitat, human dominion over the land still leaves for nature only what humanity spares from its own uses. Logically, land cover differs from land use, but it is useful to think of the covers of urban settlement, crop, grass, and forest as four classes or possibilities of land use.